All our therapeutics are clinically validated

Who are the health professionals in the Guty network?

A team entirely dedicated to the management of your gastrointestinal disorders and digestive diseases.

Because digestive disorders and bowel diseases are difficult to manage, we require extensive knowledge within our network of specialists. This network is composed of multiple health professionals specialising in the management of gastrointestinal pathologies.

  1. Dieticians specialising in gastrointestinal disorders
  2. Clinical psychologists specialised in behavioral and cognitive therapeutics
  3. General professionals and specialists

Guty's scientific committee

Professor Aymery Constant

Doctor of Psychology
Senior Lecturer
Professor at EHESP

Dr. Richard Lorho

Former Head of clinic of the Universities

Pr Guillaume Bouguen​

Professor of Gastroenterology
Head of Department, Rennes University Hospital
Specialised in IBD

Pr Gilles Boschetti​

Professor of Gastroenterology
Head of Department, Lyon University Hospital
Specialised in IBD

Pauline Granet

Biosciences Engineer
Biochemistry trainer
Registered nutritionist

Cindy Chouet

Clinical psychologist specialising in behavioural and cognitive therapy