All our therapeutics are clinically validated

A complete and sustainable care protocol to reduce your digestive problems !

Based on the latest research in gastrointestinal disorders, Guty's healthcare professionals help you reduce your symptoms over the long term.

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Patient reviews!

Je recommande les yeux fermés La prise en charge Guty m'a changé la vie, tant par l'appli et ses recettes que par le suivi personnalisé et le chat. Ma qualité de vie est tellement mieux. Je remange certaine chose dont je me suis privée et j'ai réussi à reprendre le contrôle sur mon SCI. Je recommande les yeux fermés.
Mélanie Pedraza
Mélanie Pedraza
23. Novembre, 2021.
Une application parfaite pour le syndrome du colon irritable ! Une application parfaite pour une solution parfaite ! Guty a répondu à toutes mes attentes et au-delà. Les professionnels de santé nous aident au quotidien à travers une application parfaitement pensée !
Gaelle Rousseau
Gaelle Rousseau
13. Avril, 2021.
Application facile à utiliser et… Application facile à utiliser et pertinente. aide de la diététicienne utile et bienveillante. ça m'a bien aidé pour la gestion de mon alimentation et à réduire mes symptômes. je recommande.
Dominique Gendre Brun
Dominique Gendre Brun
1. Avril, 2021.
I'm really pleased with the plan I'm taking and the app that goes with it. I had tried many things before to get better, consulted several professionals, but no one gave me clear answers or made me feel better. Now my digestion has finally greatly improved. The app helps me keep track of what makes me sick and what doesn't, and I really appreciate being able to contact my dietician using the app at any time. Really, after everything I've tried, this is the best value for money I've found!
Justine L.
Justine L.
March 21, 2021.
A medical app to exchange with my dietician
answers to my questions. Quality !
March 18, 2021.

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A team of experts specialised in your pathology, available online to help you

Guty's healthcare professionals are selected for their experience and knowledge of treating your conditions. They are continuously trained to remain at the forefront of gastrointestinal treatment techniques.

Scientifically validated

Proven therapeutic approaches.


We select and apply only treatment protocols that have been scientifically proven to be effective.

Guty's scientific committee

Professor Aymery Constant

Doctor of Psychology
Senior Lecturer
Professor at EHESP

Dr. Richard Lorho

Former Head of clinic of the Universities

Pr Guillaume Bouguen​

Professor of Gastroenterology
Head of Department, Rennes University Hospital
Specialised in IBD

Pr Gilles Boschetti​

Professor of Gastroenterology
Head of Department, Lyon University Hospital
Specialised in IBD

Pauline Granet

Biosciences Engineer
Biochemistry trainer
Registered nutritionist

Cindy Chouet

Clinical psychologist specialising in behavioural and cognitive therapy

Your pocket companion

An innovative mobile app that simplifies your coaching

Because your irritable bowel is an everyday struggle, the Guty app allows you to stay in touch with your team of experts, share live updates on your symptoms, and make your life easier in setting up your treatment plan.

And you get unlimited questions!

Reduce your intestinal symptoms with specialised practitioners

Video-consultation with specialised health professionals on your digestive problems to get first advice and find the best solution to treatyou Have a video-consultation with health professionals specializing in your digestive problems to get initial advice and find the best coaching solution to reduce your digestive symptoms.

We answer your questions

The coaching services offered by Guty use therapeutics that have shown the best results in multiple clinical studies:

  • Nutritional coaching: with dieticians and nutritionist doctors specialised and trained in the management of gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Psychological support: with certified psychotherapists specialised in the treatment of pain and gastrointestinal symptoms through cognitive behavioural therapy

These two therapies truly offer a comprehensive approach to the management of gastrointestinal disorders in order to reduce symptoms in the short and long term.

To this day, it is the only solution fully dedicated to people suffering from digestive disorders and gastrointestinal diseases.

It provides the opportunity to be assisted by nutrition experts and psychologists specialised in your intestinal disorders and to follow a personalised treatment plan directly in the app, at home and at any time.

Yes, they have all been validated by health and nutrition professionals and are validated by our scientific committee.

Yes, all of our healthcare professionals are certified and licensed. We only work with health professionals in a legal and medical sense.

Our solution is not a substitute for a medical follow-up with a doctor.

Our use of personal data complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as the Health Data Duty (HDS).

Les données récupérées ne sont utilisées que dans le but du bon fonctionnement de notre solution.

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